How to Get Started

Look through design and shelter magazines. Tear out or note pictures and articles that appeal to you, whether or not you think they will actually work in your home. These ideas will help your designer to get a clearer picture of your preferences and to translate them into your own personal style.

Decide on an investment range. This is often difficult for clients who have no idea how much a project can or should cost, but it will be very helpful in the planning phases if your designer knows your general budget expectations at the outset. Be realistic and honest about what you want to spend and how much you want to accomplish.

Schedule an in-home consultation. One of our designers will come to your home for a nominal fee to give you some "on the spot" design advice. Whether you want her to specify a furniture arrangement, develop a color scheme, or offer window treatment suggestions, you'll find the time invaluable and the money well spent. Best of all, should you then decide to hire us for a more extensive design project, the fee for the initial appointment will be fully applied to future design services.

Call (847) 367-7817 today for more information, or send us a message.

"I think one of the most important attributes of an interior designer is the ability and willingness to listen to the client. In all the years I've worked with Designs in Context I have not been disappointed. I have always felt respect for my ideas and an eagerness to work with me."
D. Olson, Lake Forest · read more customer comments
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